Sins of the Mother

Director: Paul A. Kaufman

Actors: Jill Scott, Nicole Beharie, Katharine Isabelle, Monaeya Silveira, Matt Ward, Dave Leach, Ecstasia Sanders, Mimi Rogers, Jerry Wasserman, Gale Van Cott, Roman Podhora, Michael Coleman, Maxine Guess, Candus Churchill, Natalie Charles

Production: Front Street Pictures

Genres: Drama

Country: Canada

Release Year: 2010

Duration: 90 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Shay is a young African-American college student whom is forced to take a year off from school to return to her hometown where she struggles with her anger and insecurity when she's forced to confront her alcoholic mother, Nona, whom is currently in AA and a churchgoer, over her entire childhood of abuse and neglect which Shay is both unwilling and unable to let go of.

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